Parking Management Visitor Management Fuel Theft Prevention CCTV Surveillance

Visitor and Parking Management Solutions

Powerful Solutions for Visitor Management, Parking Management & Access Control

Visitor Management

Touchless & complete solution to manage visitors, authorised vehicles, commercial vehicles etc. in a restricted premises such as Apartments, Businesses Parks, Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals etc.

Parking Management

Range of parking management solutions for paid, restricted and limited duration parking that include handheld parking devices, full automation with License Plate Recognition, RFID and Relay controllers.

Custom Solutions

Wide range of customised solutions to cater various Use-Cases and Industries such as Shopping Malls, Business Parks, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Councils, Hotels, Apartments, Corporate buildings etc.
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Community Safety Program

We work with Community Against Crime (CAC) to provide Technical Solutions & Support for Community Safety. CAC is a Not-For-Profit organisation run by volunteers and offers the following:
Safe Street Program with Live Video Cameras and License Plate Recognition.
Domestic Violence Monitoring Device.
Loan CCTV Systems for Domestic Violence Victims.
Anti-Theft Number Plate Screws Program.

Advance Security & Surveillance Solutions

Commercial & Residential CCTV Surveillance Solutions with Face Detection, License Plate Recognition, Vandalism Protection, Security Alarms etc.

AI For Security

Advance security solution that can include Face Detection, Tripwire violation monitoring, intrusion and tamper detection.

Remote Monitoring

HD Video Surveillance with remote monitoring to view live or recorded Videos. Cloud based License Plate Recognition System

Innovation for Fuel Stations

Pay At Pump

Great fueling experience with Smartphone based Pay@Pump that allow fuel stations to run unmanned also ...

Fuel Theft Prevention

License Plate Recognition based Drive-off-Alert solution to prevent and stay alert for potential fuel thefts ...
CCTV Surveillance Solutions in Melbourne

Advance Surveillance

Advanced surveillance solution for fuel stations with face detection, vandalism protection, remote monitoring etc ...

Our Technical Expertise

Our highly skilled team members have developed some of the best solutions for Security & Access Controls.
License Plate Recognition System

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Highly accurate ANPR technology that can detect number plate, make, model, colour, year range, state etc. of every vehicle, it also take snapshot and video clip of every vehicle

Access Control Systems in Melbourne

RFID Reader Access Control

Highly Accurate Long Range and high frequency RFID Reader that can detect & open boom gates for authorised vehicles (with windscreen tags) from the distance within 10 metres

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