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Highly accurate state of the art ANPR technology for advance Security, Crime Prevention and Access Controls
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ANPR Product Offerings
Cost-effective and efficient technology

ANPR System License

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Automatic License Plate Recognition
  • Supports all major brands of Camera
  • Tested with accuracy of 99.02%
  • Works perfect for high speed vehicles

ANPR Camera

ANPR Camera
  • 2-5 MP LPR Camera (exclude license)
  • IR night vision & headlight suppression
  • 12 months warranty

ANPR System

ANPR System ALPR System in Melbourne
  • ANPR Ready Plug & Play Devices
  • Connect camera to start reading plates
  • Track, blacklist or whitelist vehicles

ANPR Integrated with RFID

  • RFID & ANPR Integrated in common platform
  • Capture known and visitor vehicles with high accuracy
  • Integrated access controls

Visitor Management Solution

  • ANPR Integrated with Visitor Management
  • Suite to capture Visitor and Vehicle information
  • Suitable for security entrances at Hotels, Apartments, Business parks etc.

Parking Management Solution

  • ANPR Integrated with Parking Management
  • Integrated Payment solution for paid and restricted parking
  • Suitable for Malls, Paid or restricted parking etc.

Accurate and efficient ANPR!

State of the art video processing technology to achieve accurate results in real-time.

  • Highly accurate and efficient system
  • Pre-ready for Visitor & Parking Management Solutions
  • Support almost all countries all over the world
  • Support all IP cameras with H.264 or MPEG stream
  • Simple integration with Enterprise Applications
  • Support many communication protocols
  • Support varying interfaces and systems


Accurate, simple, cost-effective and efficient ANPR technology.

Simple Installation

Plug and Play ALPR processing hardware that is compatible with a wide range of IP cameras and allow a simple installation of ANPR using pre-existing infrastructure.

High Accuracy

State of the art video processing technology and algorithm which provides highly accurate license plate number reads, accuracy of more that 99.02% can be achieved.

Cloud or On-Premises

Choice of cloud or on-premises ANPR with simple API (Application Programming Interface) platform to integrate with any pre-existing enterprise solutions.

Simple Configuration

Simple configuration to enable range of solutions integrated with ANPR such as visitor management, access control, crime prevention, parking management etc.

Support most IP cameras

ANPR technology supports all brands IP cameras (with H.264 or MJPEG streams) such as Dahua, Hikvision, Axis, Bosch, Dlink, Swann, Sony, Cisco, Foscam, Canon etc.

Integrated Surveillance

System captures the make, model, colour with video clip and photo of each vehicle, therefore enables an advance surveillance to track any vehicles.

ANPR for Shopping Malls.

Fully automated parking solution for paid, restricted access or limited duration parking .

  • ANPR integrated paid and restricted parking to allow free flow of vehicles.
  • Cloud based centralised solution to track revenue, parking availability etc.
  • Integrated access controls (relay controllers) to allow staff access.
  • Simple interfaces to integrate with existing infrastructure of Enterprise.

ANPR for Parking.

ANPR Integrated Visitor and Parking management system for restricted or limited duration parking.

  • ANPR with Visitor Management for apartment or hotel parking.
  • Tablet, web or mobile based interface for ease of access by security staff.
  • Cloud based centralised solution to track visitors, parking availability etc.
  • Receive automated alerts for commercial vehicles.

ANPR is termed as acronym for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, it is also known as ALPR, which is Automatic License Plate Recognition.

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