Drive Off Alert

Drive-Off-Alert integrated with highly efficient Automatic License Plate Recognition to prevent fuel theft.

LPR with Drive-off-Alert

We have partnered with Drive-off-alert to offer a fully automated solution for fuel theft prevention. Drive-off-alert is fully integrated with Automatic License Plate Detection technology and raise alert for the possible offenders in real-time.

With hundreds of fuel stations across the network of Drive-off-Alert (DOA), it raise alert for repeat offenders and potential stolen plates, suspended plates and cancelled registrations. It offers a peace of mind by preventing fuel theft and also provide necessary evidence for reporting the fuel theft incident. Some of its salient features are:

  • Large network
  • Prevent Fuel theft
  • Manage Failed-to-Pay
  • Falsified Plate analytics
  • Vehicle Analytics
  • Incident Reporting System

Drive-off reporting

Record and report incidents in a few simple steps using automated LPR technology that captures the snapshot of every vehicle. Also send reports to law-enforcement officers.

FTP Management

Failure to pay (FTP) incident can be recorded and alert raised for anyone in the DOA network. FTP records are retained and can be cancelled in few simple steps once the payment is collected.

Drive-off Prevention

Automatic LPR camera captures the number plate of every vehicle and check against DOA system. For any past offence, DOA raise alert for the attendants so they can enable prepay.

Large Database

DOA has one of the largest and verified database of past offenders. DOA securely utilise this database to raise alerts for offenders or enable great experience for repeat customers.

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