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Go touchless for Visitor and Attendance Management
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Face Recognition Solutions

OODAK offers range of Face Recognition solutions such as:

  • Touchless Staff Management
  • Touchless Visitor Management
  • Integrated ANPR solution to capture vehicles alongwith faces
  • Touchless parking solutions

Here is the summary of some of the salient features

  • High Accuracy
  • Simple and low cost setup
  • Support most of the IP Cameras
  • Multi-face detection and fast response time

Touchless Staff Attendance Management

Our system enable the businesses to capture employee/staff attendance in a secured, digitized & touchless manner while ensuring the safety, speed, and compliance. Advanced feature of capturing multiple faces at a time through facial recognition helps the system to mark attendance/timesheet and ensure a one-time activity to capture the related information and the image of every staff, therefore allowing hassle-free check-in/check-out. The system also auto-identifies repeat visitors that assist the staff to manage attendance/timesheet or visitors effortlessly. The complete process is contactless without any human interaction.

Touchless Visitor Management

With the unique blend of face recognition and visitor management, we offer a complete touch-less solution to help receptionists, security personnel, staff, and known visitors in capturing visit information including photo. It’s a web based solution with simple and elegant user interface that stores the historical information of the visits over the cloud, therefore, auto-populates all the information field once it recognize the face of a repeat visitor and make the process of capturing visitor information faster, easier and contact less. Authorized staff can also pre-authorize visitors for a specified duration to allow an easy access.

Go Touchless from Parking to Entrance

With the accuracy of ANPR and face recognition combined, OODAK has offered a unified solution of automated and contactless experience for visitors, residents, and staff. Solution include a platform where ANPR system automatically captures the details of every vehicle (visitor/authorized) such as number plate, make, model, color, entry/exit time etc with accuracy and face recognition enabled visitor management system captures the related details of every person (visitor/authorized) along with their images, which makes the complete process of vehicle/visitor management really simple, fast and touchless. Solution is currently available for enterprise customers.

Get Covid-19 Ready premises

One-stop platform to efficiently manage authorized/unauthorized vehicles and visitors with the latest addition of OODAK’s face recognition system to make the whole process touchless. World is facing the challenges of COVID-19 and the touchless solutions offered by OODAK can help businesses minimise their risk.

  • High Accuracy: Face recognition accuracy of more than 99%
  • Multi-face detection: Detect Multiple Faces in same video frame
  • Go Touchless: Complete touchless experience to capture entry/exit time for known staff and visitors
  • Simple Setup: Simple web-based solution that works with any IP or USB camera
  • Support Most of the IP Cameras: Supports all major brands of IP cameras
  • Fast Response Time: Quick facial recognition of registered face and fast data retrieval
  • Pre-Authorise Visitors or Contractors: Allow pre-authorisation of visitors using their photos and provide a touchless experience
  • Smart and Secure: Secure Cloud based solution with user authentication
  • Realtime dashboard: Realtime dashboard for staff to track incoming or outgoing staff

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