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RFID and ANPR, both are highly efficient and accurate with RFID having a success rate of 100% but only for allowing access to the authorized vehicles and it does not help in capturing visitor vehicle’s information whereas ANPR has a success rate and accuracy of 99.02% however, it could be used for both – authorized and visitor’s vehicles along with keeping the record of every vehicle entering/exiting the premises.

ANPR integration is possible with almost any IP CCTV camera and our system is compatible with most of the brands as well, however, these basic features are ought to be in the camera:

  • Optical zoom
  • Headlight suppression (HLC/BLC etc.)
  • IR or Starlight
  • 2 Mp camera (minimum)

 Therefore, we recommend our clients to go for the complete package of our ANPR system for the best result.

The IR, Starlight and headlight suppression of CCTV cameras keeps the efficiency of the ANPR system intact during night time.

Yes, both of the systems require a continuous flow of electricity, and an internet connection (for cloud based ANPR) or intranet (for on-premises ANPR). The Boom gate alone requires electricity to be fully functional hence, electricity is a must which could be achieved through power backup. In the case of RFID/ ANPR system failure, the push button of the boom gate could still be used to operate the boom gate manually.

The RFID labels are stuck from inside the windscreen of the vehicle and are non-reusable.

The user could share the OODAK system’s cloud or use their own cloud/local to store the data. However, we have made a provision to store the data on local servers as well.

The information field of an RFID system is customizable and all the information which makes the vehicle identity unique could be used in those fields. For example, for a residential complex the fields could be the name of the owner, flat number, phone number etc.

RFID reader could sense the RFID label from within a distance of 10 mts whereas the ANPR system could sense the number plate from a distance of 30-40 mts however, the response time to complete the action of opening and closing the boom gate depends upon the speed of opening and closing of the boom gate itself. There is a wide range of boom gates and varies on the response time.

As the organization enters an era of fierce competition among the peers, the result-oriented approach is taking the front seat in the consideration for the organizations. There are enhanced efforts to minimize the cost and maximize productivity. It is foremost to know how employees are performing especially outdoors so that the productivity of the employee and the result for the organization is more meaningful. Most organizations do not know the real-time tracking of their field force. How they spend time outside of the office and what is their productivity. Although Field Force Tracking software is most likely to be repelled by the employees however it makes it easier for the organization in strategy formulation and implementation. Additionally, this software works only with the employee consent before the employer can track them.

No, the system cannot work without an internet connection. The Workforce tracking system/ vehicle tracking system is designed to work with a 2G speed of the internet. The internet couldn’t be toggled to off manually in case of vehicle tracking system and it will send the data to the server even in the worst network area, however, in workforce tracking system the mobile data could be toggled on/off manually for which we can send the alert on the mobile application and in case of bad network area, the system will store the data locally and send it to the server when the internet in available.

Yes, we can achieve this through loop detection and is quite common in malls, business parks etc. where there is a heavy fleet of vehicles.

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