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Vehicle Tracking System

GPS Tracking for Vehicle

OODAK offers you a reliable and accurate tracking system for fleet management. Solution include a centralised cloud-based portal that can cater to your diverse needs of the fleet management. For enterprise businesses with large fleet, OODAK also offers customised solutions. The solution incorporates some advance features such as

  • Live Tracking of Vehicles and Employees
  • Generate trip reports of vehicle(s)
  • Simple management of vehicle / person or users
  • Generate Alert report of any vehicle
  • Generate trip ignition report
  • Generate distance report of any vehicle
  • Get real time over-speeding alerts
  • Generate report for any over-speeding vehicle
  • Optimize fleet usage
  • Manage and receive alerts for temperature sensitive products
  • Calibration of Fuel
  • Trip Ignition history
  • Geo-Fencing

Works Perfect in All Devices

OODAK offers smartphone based application and hardware based solution that works as GPS tracker. Different applications can be used to track and manage the vehicles. Solution include robust application for Android and iPhone. Its feature rich and flexible to use.


Smartphone applications support multiple languages and reverse geocoding that can help to track the vehicle location and the status. It supports the following maps:

  • Google Maps
  • Here Maps
  • Open Street Maps
  • Map My India
Fuel Monitoring

Fuel Monitoring

Fuel is a major cost for any transport and travel business therefore making fuel tracking an important aspect for the success of the business. OODAK offers tool and software solutions to manage and analyze the fuel consumption.

If you are worried about fuel theft or need to optimise your spending on the fuel,  then OODAK Fuel Tracking System can offer a highly accurate tracker that incorporate features such as:

  • Accurate reporting via in-built calibration table within vehicle tracking system
  • Elimination of sudden fluctuations due to rough road jumps
  • Avoid fuel theft and manipulation

Temperature Monitoring

Transportation of perishable commodities is sensitive. It has to be preserved at right temperatures to curtail any bacteria growth. Temperature and humidity are important to the quality control of consumables on popular food delivery trucks.

Temperature sensors come in handy to control temperature. The temperature sensor in the vehicle becomes crucial in such tasks. Temperature sensors are the perfect complement to the existing controller in your refrigerated transport. The feature includes

  • Efficiently monitors temperature and sends the information to the server at regular intervals.
  • You can set alarms and generate reports based on the information received from the temperature sensors.
  • Avoid damaging the goods by exposure to a wrong temperature.

Portable and Simple Installation

The system can be installed magnetically within seconds without any hardwire. It provide continuous monitoring of goods, asset or vehicle. The portable tracker service can be configured to retrieve varying information related to supply chain. The system incorporate features such as:

  • Provide the exact position of the goods in transit or storage
  • Strong rare-earth magnet to ensure that the tracker is affixed all the time
  • Durable & water resistant IP66 housing to ensure uninterrupted operation in extreme weather
  • Completely sealed with waterproof enclosure for high durability and longevity
  • Fully charged device is capable of working on 15 days standby time
  • Inbuilt memory ensures no loss of data by storing when the network is unavailable and transmitting again once the network is available

Excellent User Experience

User-friendly Interface makes it easy to track vehicles and other critical data.

Be Competitive

You can outplay the competition by streamlining your expenses with fuel tracking & providing unceasable service.

Cold Chain Goods

Ensure that Cargo is transported in optimal conditions. Goods are delivered fresh at the final destination.

Carry Anywhere

Portable GPS tracking devices are pretty versatile. They can easily be moved from vehicle to vehicle, placed in a package, or even used to monitor and track something of value.

Super Flexible

Completely responsive to different display sizes. Rest API gives complete flexibility to the user to access track console.

Fuel Usage Audit

Analyze the fuel consumption of your fleet vehicles in order to maximize profits from commercial activities.

Status in Realtime

The system provides real-time temperature and location information throughout the transport and storage time.

Ease of use

The critical information such as location data, vehicle status, can be accessed easily with the help of a GPS fleet management software.
  • Customization

    OODAK offers unique and efficient customization with reports and alerts within the system

  • Live Monitoring

    Monitor real-time movement of the field staff and the assigned task via web or smartphone dashboard

  • Battery Life

    Optimized and tuned with real-time tracking battery longevity, designed to last miles without data.

  • Task Management

    Ensure that Cargo is transported in optimal conditions. Goods are delivered fresh at the final destination.

  • Conveyance calculator

    Calculate conveyance based on the tasks completed, customer visits and location history of field executive.

  • Barcode

    Scan task during deliveries. Supports UPC E, UPC A, EAN 8, EAN 13, QR, Data Matrix, 128, 39 & ITF Code

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