Make your Business Premises Corona Free!

Companies around the world are reopening and some are bringing the employees back to the workplace. Countries such as India are struggling with the lack of security personnel and businesses are striving to ensure the safety of employees and visitors.

Below are the 7 recommendations to fight the menace of COVID:

Go Touchless for Attendance & Access Control – Discard Bio-metrics and choose accurate and touchless facial recognition.

Face Recognition is a unique solution in the recent context where touching a surface by multiple people has emerged as a potential cause of infection, therefore, switching from biometrics attendance (fingerprint) to touchless face recognition is the need of the hour. Face recognition offers a speedy and secure verification experience.

Thermal Temperature measurement (Touchless Infrared temperature measurement devices)

Infrared thermometers enable you to instantly measure the temperature from a distance and offer a great combination of speed, convenience, and accuracy.

Touchless Visitor Management System – Power up for simple smart  & secure visitor experience

Al-based face recognition VMS  helps to capture digital records of the guest/emp for the future reference. The whole process is completely touchless, faster, and safer. It can allow businesses to Pre authorize the visitors for a disruption free entry with a contactless and pleasant experience.

Touchless entry of authorized/visitor vehicles (ANPR and RFID)

ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition) and RFID(Radio frequency identification) to reduce manual intervention and automate the process of access control.

  • ANPR  automatically detects and captures the no. plate and  attributes like make, colour, model of any vehicle and serves in maintaining a contactless experience for both visitor and security personnel
  • Pre authorize the no. plate of visitor’s vehicles for a seamless and contactless experience for the visitor.
  • RFID with access control equipment such as boom gate, bollards etc. could be used to automate the process of access control with 100% accuracy and zero human intervention.

Work remotely if manageable – StayHOMEStaySAFE

Temporarily switching to work remotely is strongly recommended and also the technology has made the remote work easier by enabling solutions such as video calls, remote login etc. Therefore, we encourage every individual to work remotely if possible and help each other to minimize the risk of infection. 

Reduce total employee strength to at least ½ in a given day 

We strongly encourage all businesses to allow your employees to work from the office on alternative days in an effort to minimize the coronavirus spread.

Social Distance Analytics/detector – Are your emp/visitors following social distancing?

SDA is a real-time video stream to monitor and raise alerts if the social distancing rules are not followed by the individuals. This solution is helpful for essential manufacturing units, hotels, business parks, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies to effectively screen the work environment.

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