Fuelic Pay@Pump

Innovative solution for Fuel stations to integrate pump controllers with smartphone application, therefore allowing fuel stations to run unmanned without major hardware investment.

Prepay & Postpay

Users can fill the fuel at pump without visiting stores and pay in few taps. System supports prepay and post pay to allow as-usual business process.

No hardware required

Mobile payment is securely integrated with pump controllers and allow the fuel stations to run 24*7 unmanned with no major hardware.

Simple & User friendly

Integrated LPR technology to identify the vehicles and GPS based system to locate the fuel stations renders a simple & unique user experience.

Digital Solution

Digital receipts, daily/monthly and custom reports, Analytics of Sales/profit/customers etc. makes it simpler to manage business and customers.

Smartphone based Pay@Pump

Fuelic pay@pump offers a location based smart-phone app that allow customers to pay in few clicks. Its fully integrated with the major pump controllers across Australia & NZ, therefore allowing fuel stations to run unmanned without any major hardware investment.

It offers a seamless experience to pay for the fuel using smartphones. With simple configuration, business can choose a fuel station to operate in Postpay or Prepay modes in desired duration. Fuel station can also run 24×7 unmanned. Fuelic’s distinctive design helps in increasing the retail sales. Some of its highlights include:

  • Support Prepay & Postpay
  • Secure Payment
  • Unmanned Operation
  • Avail incentive & discounts
  • Get Digital Receipts
  • API Interfaces

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