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A complete touchless solution to manage visitors, authorized vehicles and commercial vehicles in a restricted premises
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Visit Authorization

Our Visitor Management System provides a complete touchless solution to capture visitor information via Mobile Phone, Tablet or PC application. Simple and elegant user interface to allow the Receptionist, Security Personnel, Staff or Visitors to capture the necessary information in few clicks. Select from the range of authorization processes such as OTP Authorization to suit the need of various Apartments, Hotels, Business Parks etc. Store the historical information of the visits over the cloud for the desired duration to suit the business need. Residents or Authorized staff can also pre-authorize visitors for a specified duration to allow an easy access.

Touchless Access Controls using LPR

Fully automated and touchless Access Control solution using License Plate Recognition (LPR). LPR can achieve accuracy upto 99.02%, even for a fast moving vehicle. With integrated relay controllers, it automatically open the Boom Gates for Authorised Vehicles (e.g. Employees/ Staff/ Residents) and for limited duration Authorised Visitor Vehicles. It captures entry/exit time of every vehicle. System auto-identify repeat vehicles that assist staff also. LPR system capture video clips and snapshots of every vehicle. It can also capture entry/exit time, number plate, make, model, manufacture year range etc. of every vehicle.

Access Controls using RFID

Access control using RFID is highly accurate (upto 100% accuracy), touchless and can allow free flow of authorised vehicles from the restricted entrance. We install UHF RFID readers to control the boom gates that can detect RFID tags from within 10 m distance. Every authorised vehicle is tagged with a unique RFID windscreen label. Once within the range of the RFID reader, it can open boom gates for the authorised tags without manual intervention. Controlling the access of vehicles can be managed via a simple web application, and also apply for the owners who have left the apartment/organisation without removing labels.

Integrated Surveillance & Security

Automatic License Plate Recognition system not only captures the number plate but also capture the motion video, vehicle snapshot, colour, make model etc. LPR system supports wide range of IP cameras, including Face Detection cameras, that are used for surveillance also. System has the provision to flag the lookout vehicles and receive instant alerts when captured by the camera. System facilitates an advance surveillance mechanism by allowing users to simply search for the desired vehicles with varying criteria such as partial registration numbers, colour, time, make, model etc.

Track Overstaying Commercial Vehicles

System provides a simple mechanism to flag the commercial vehicles (such as Taxi) that need to be tracked for overstay. Once flagged and have overstayed the expected duration, system raise alerts for the security personnel. System provide contact details and relevant information that was captured while entering, therefore allowing security personnel to take necessary action.

Web Based Controls

We offer cloud or on-premises (within LAN) website based solution that is responsive and works in any browser. All configurations such as access control of vehicles, capturing resident or allowed personnel information, providing temporary access to visitor vehicles, blacklisting vehicles etc. can be done in few clicks. Solution also provide various reports, simple search mechanism, quick dashboard and varying analytics for Visit Management and Surveillance. System include various access levels such as Staff or Admin access that allow businesses to grant limited controls.

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